The generator does not write any code for you, but it will generate an empty package or module based on your choice. The tests directory will be created for you, but you’ll need to add the first test.

This sample project has a single-file module ( 🔗) and one test ( 🔗).


There are a few tools installed to help you maintain high code quality. All of these are executed with the lint script:

$ poetry run invoke lint
Tool Reason
mypy Type-checking.
pylint Static analysis and PEP 8 (code style) conformance.
pydocstyle PEP 257 (docstring style) conformance.

There is a Pylint configuration in .pylintrc 🔗. Its settings are documented there. To learn how to enable, disable, or configure Pylint’s diagnostics, consult the documentation on message control or take a look at Pylint’s own configuration file.